Survival Tips : The Office Christmas Party – Ft George at Asda*

It’ all a bit Chrimbo overload here at Plus Size Proud HQ, and I am sorry about that (#sorrynotsorry), and today I want to talk to you about surviving the good old office party!

I changed companies back in January, so I haven’t experienced the Office Party here as yet, but it is on a Thursday lunchtime, with the option to go on partying after….  So, here are my tips, take note (or not) as you wish:

  1. Only stay for lunch and DON’T go partying into the evening….
  2. IF, you do decide to go partying into the evening, make sure you turn in for work on the Friday morning…. or
  3. Book Friday off as holiday! You are no good to anyone if you are too hungover, and you would be better off sleeping it off
  4. Again, if you are staying for the after party, make sure you have a lift home sorted, or book a room at the venue if possible, or close by…. I think the reasons for this are obvious
  5. Keep the tipple to a minimum, or pace yourself, I am going to have to drive at some point, so will not be partaking in any alcoholic beverage… but if you are, maybe have a glass or two of water on standby to avoid over indulgence!
  6. Due to not being able to take part in any drinking games, make up for it on the food front! You know you want to, and you deserve it.
  7. Being the sober one, try keeping tabs on your work buddies to make sure they don’t do anything they may later regret!
  8. Definitely no talking shop! Keep the chat light-hearted and non-work related…. All work and no play makes Sarah a dull lunch companion!
  9. Avoid the mistletoe at all costs!  Again, probably an obvious one.
  10. And finally….. DRESS TO THE NINES!!!!

George @ Asda very kindly offered to kit me out for my Christmas Party, and here is what I shall be wearing on the big day….

image image

Sequin Jacket

I am so pleased with my choices.  With the exception of the jumpsuit needing to be shortened in the leg (story of my life), a size 24 is spot on and true to size.  The detail is lovely, and I think it looks really classy, and I would love to see more plus size ladies giving them a go, as since I bit the bullet and tried I think they look amazing in the larger of us.

You cannot beat a bit of bling for a party, and this jacket is no exception!  Again, in a size 24 and very true to size.  Highly recommended.  the handbag just finishes the look off perfectly.

All still available online, although the jacket appears to be sold out in the larger sizes – check out your local store, and at extremely reasonable prices, so there is no need to take a second mortgage to look good at your up and coming festivities!

I know that Kathryn from MissKathryn’s MissTakes is also taking part in this campaign and also chose this jacket, so make sure to stop by and see how she styled it!

Will you be taking my advice for your Office Party or throwing all caution to the wind???

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BIG Love

S x

7 thoughts on “Survival Tips : The Office Christmas Party – Ft George at Asda*

  1. Good advice! Our office Chistmas party is weirdly late this year, 16th of December! I won’t be able to attend it though, since I will be on my honeymoon, sipping pina coladas by the pool. ;)

    I love your outfit, the clutch bag especially is very cute. xx

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