Going Dotty for Lollidots – Review ft Scarlett & Jo *

Scarlett & Jo have been around for a while now, but had only been exclusively available from Evans…. They are now available from Evans AND Yours Clothing, with other retailers looking to stock in the not so distant future, but did you know they also have their own Scarlett & Jo website???

If you haven’t already paid the website a visit, be sure to get your derriere over there right now, and make sure you sign up to the S&J Club.  This is free, and will get you 10% off purchases, but if you can stretch to £30 (on offer during December), may be tuck up a loved one for Christmas, you can become a VIP Club Member and get yourself 20% discount as well as priority on events etc.

I was very lucky to be sent this beautiful piece from the new Lollidots range, from what I can see this range is only available from S&J direct from the website.  You have no idea how pleased I was with this dress…. I didn’t know it was being sent, it just arrived unexpectedly after a bit of a pants week, so I stripped off immediately and tried it on.  As always I was not disappointed, S&J always know how to make dresses to compliment my curves, and it doesn’t make a difference that I am a midget too, the length, cut, everything about an S&J dress just works, whatever shape or size you are…. Well, that’s my experience to date any way!

image image image

I have my eye on this one for my next S&J acquisition…. It will be mine!


Have you any S&J in your wardrobe?

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Outfit August – Days 1 to 5


I am joining some of my lovely ladies in a bit of a blog challenge, which I think the title of this post is self explanatory….  Not sure I will manage every day, and it may be the pics are posted to my IG/FB/Twitter etc. rather than specific blog posts, so if you don’t already follow me on the usual platforms click on the links at the bottom of this post.

Anyhoo…. here are the first 5 days of Outfit August!

Day 1


Wearing my first Isabella from Lady Vintage, however, I bought this from the lovely Caroline Curvy Wordy, and it was the beginning of my love affair with this style of dress, and this is the first of 5 I now own (watch out for those popping up I am sure)!

Day 2


Wearing the Lucy Jeans (Short) in black from Simply be and one of my Doctor Who t-shirts which I bought from a friend, so I can’t give you any details! Scarf also old from a charity shop

Day 3


Wearing my Faith Dress from Voodoo Vixen!  Hair clip from last months Glitterati Box from Crown & Glory (all other hair accessories featured in this post, unless stated, from Off With Her Head Millinery).

Day 4


Wearing Scarlett & Jo currently only available from Evans (could change in the future) which I was kindly given by the lovely Lolly! Nothing appears to be available similar to this at the moment, but watch this space!

Necklace a commissioned piece from Black Heart Creatives.

Day 5


Wearing Voodoo Vixen again, this time it is my Katniss!!!! Love love love this dress, as do many others.  Unfortunately it is currently not in stock anywhere, but I am lead to believe that some time this month stocks will be replenished.  Look out on the Voodoo Vixen website as well as other stockists such as Simply Be and Debenhams!

New Shoesies bought from Tesco, unable to find online, so check your local store!

I’ve had my cat ears for a while now, and I got them from Alice Vitrum’s Etsy store…. Nothing listed at the moment, but I am sure you could make contact.

Because I have come in late, make sure to check out the lovely Leah’s first post here, which gives you details on how to sign up too if you fancy it, but it also lists all the other lovelies taking part.

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2014 In Review……

Well, here we are now in 2015!  I hope that 2014 was a good one for you, and the next 12 months will be even better…..

2014 hasn’t been too bad to me at all, I’ve seen the blog start to grow, and I hope that this will continue into 2015….

Did you know……

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 24,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

2014 saw me turn 40, which hasn’t been bad at all!


I decided at this ripe old age to embark on trying to do a bit of plus size modelling.  This hasn’t really taken off, but it is always fun, and definitely not a bad little hobby to have on the back burner.  Here are some of my favourite shots that were taken through the year:

2014 Review Modelling

I also attended my first plus size event, Plus North, and I met some amazing and inspirational people, and have made some life time friends as well…..

2014 Review People 1


10665934_10152352080266872_8497405763568740280_nAnd loads of others!

I’ve been lucky enough to meet and make some other amazing friends thanks to the blog too!

2014 Review People 2


I can’t wait to meet more of you lovely lot during 2015!

It would be rude to not share some of my favourite outfits of 2014, so here they are:

2014 Review Outfits

Yours Clothing
Marks & Spencer
Nicky Rockets
M & Co
Scarlett & Jo available from Evans

2015 is going to see me enter my first beauty contest, by which point I will be 41…. Shave my hair off for charity….. and you might even see me on the TV at some point, more on that at a later date!

Again, a massive thank you to each and everyone of you for the support throughout 2014, Readers, Bloggers & Companies, I wish you and yours a healthy & prosperous 2015, and hope it brings you all you dreamed for!


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Outfit Post | Winter Florals ft Scarlett &

Hey there Treacles!

Apologies again for the lack of posts recently, I have been battling the dreaded lurgy for the last week and a bit, and am only now starting to feel any resemblance of normal, with an added sniffle and a cough and sounding like a female Johnny Vegas!

I was very lucky recently to be given the opportunity to review a piece of Scarlett & Jo’s La Dolce Vita range available from Evans, and I am sure you have gathered from previous posts, it is no secret that I absolutely love anything Scarlett & Jo produce!

I was keen to review the 40’s style midi dress I had seen Georgina in from Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust Blog recently, however, at the time this was not available, but this little beauty was, and is of a very similar style…..


Although the print on the dress I have is different, you can get this same dress here!

I went with my normal size 24, but I probably could have got away with a 22 as the material is a lovely jersey and has some stretch in it.  The sleeves are short, but fluted and the dress is just super comfy…. I have worn it a couple of times now for the office and I have to say I couldn’t ask for a more comfortable and flattering fit for a dress…. it even has small shoulder pads for the 80’s chick in me!

The only issue if I had to come up with one, is that clearly on me the dress is more of a maxi than a midi…. Lol!  This is due to me suffering from short-person-itis and has no bearing on the quality of this amazing dress!  I actually like it the length it is on me, as obviously on the flip side, dresses that are this long drown me!!!!

Do you like me LOVE everything Scarlett & Jo?

Flower Crown Off With Her Head Millinery.

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*Items supplied for review



Money Saving Monday – Week 2 (Late Post)

Hello Cherubs!

As you will already be aware if you follow me regularly, I have embarked on a much need and overdue spending ban, and the lovely Abi of A is for Abi Blog suggested a few of us turn it into a little blog challenge!  You can find week one here.

I am very glad to say that I have stuck to my guns on this one, which is as surprising to me as it will be to anyone who knows me! Having been a bit of a spend-a-holic in the past, I am subjected to regular emails from the usual suspects advising me of deals, offers and sales, but I have avoided them at all costs *gives herself a pat on the back*.

I have, unfortunately started to have a little peruse the last couple of days, following a post on FB from the delicious Vicky of The Curved Opinion, where she had tried on a frock she is planning on wearing at the up and coming event of the year Plus North!  (I will also be attending Plus North, and will be strutting my stuff on the catwalk as well…. Eek!)  As you can imagine, as a plus size, primarily fashion, blogger it is all about what to wear.  Unfortunately, it is unlikely I will be able to purchase a new frock, I will be delving into the deepest and darkest depths of my wardrobe, but I thought I would have a look a put a little wish list together as to what I would buy to wear at Plus North if I could…. So here goes…..

I have a definite passion for anything from the Scarlett & Jo range from Evans, and this has become more apparent since I bought their first 2-in-1 prom dress a few months back (check out my post on that here).  The thing that amazed me about this dress more than anything was how I have yet to see it NOT look good on anyone!  It suits every single person I have seen it on irrelevant as to their size, shape or height!  Well done Scarlett & Jo!  So, with that in mind here is my Scarlett & Jo Wish List for Plus North……

07D48QBLK_2_large 07S03RBLK_2_large 07S07RMUL_2_large 07S08RMUL_large 07S09RMUL_2_large 07S25RBLK_2_large

Floral Print Prom Dress – Currently on sale at £30.00, reduced from £60.00!
Floral Print Prom Dress – Currently on sale at £48.00, reduced from £60.00!
2-in1 Floral Prom – Currently on sale at £48.00, reduced from £60.00!
2-in-1 Poppy Prom Dress – Currently on sale at £48.00, reduced from £60.00!
Pink Floral 2-in-1 Prom Dress – Currently on sale at £48.00, reduced from £60.00!
Black Floral Print Prom Dress  – Currently on sale at £48.00, reduced from £60.00!

Clearly not only do I LOVE Scarlett & Jo in general I LOVE their prom dresses….. Haha!

Fingers crossed for Friday’s lottery……

Are you going to Plus North?  Be sure to come say Hi, and if so, what are you wearing?

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#OMCZ 32 – Wishes ft Scarlett & Jo


Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?  And before we know it two weeks have passed and it is that time again where we post Outside Our Comfort Zone!

This weeks challenge/theme has been chosen by the awesome Debz from Wannabe Princess, who I have to say is one of my first inspirations and why I started blogging!  This is what she said:

“We all have places we would love to shop but can’t afford to.  I would like to see your wishlist of clothes you would buy if money were no object!”

Whilst recently perusing my social media news feeds, I came across Scarlett & Jo‘s post featuring their up and coming Summer Romance Collection, and featuring some of my fellow bloggettes modelling.  Having given into the 2-in1 Prom from their Spring Romance Collection and absolutely loving it, and wearing it at every opportunity possible, I had to look at what they had lined up for the Summer…. I was not disappointed!  Some of these beauties are already making their way onto the Evans website, but some we will just have to wait a bit longer for.


The Sweetheart Vintage Prom Dress modelled by Danie from blog www.daniellevanier.co.uk


The Feather Wrap Dress modelled by Sophia Brad


The Paisley Dress modelled by Callie from www.fromthecornersofthecurve.com


The Prom Dress modelled by Georgina from blog www.fullerfigurefullerbust.com


The Bardot Dress modelled by Rebecca Winters


The Embellished Shoulder Maxi Dress modelled by Rebecca Winters


The Bandeau Dress modelled by Hanna from blog www.thewardrobechallenge.co.uk


The Poppy Dress modelled by Sophia Brad

* All photos courtesy of the Scarlett & Jo Facebook page *

I love, love, love them all, and if money were no object I would have them all!  As this is not going to be the case unless my numbers come up on the Euromillions on Friday, if I am lucky I might get one, but I would find it hard to chose… I probably have a top 4, but then to chose out of them would be near impossible!

What would be your wish list if money were no object?

Check out the other ladies taking part:

Natalie http://awheelbarrowfullofstyle.blogspot.co.uk/
Nikki http://www.nattynikki.com
Becky http://www.doesmyblogmakemelookfat.com
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Hollie Http://www.prettybigbutterflies.com
Erin http://erinslittlebigcorner.blogspot.co.uk/
Stephanie http://www.seeingspots.co.uk/
Debz http://www.wannabeprincess.co.uk/
Becca http://thegirlwiththeplait.blogspot.co.uk/
Rebs http://sullen-hearts.blogspot.co.uk/
Katt http://acurvycupcake.blogspot.co.uk/
Leah  www.justmeleah.co.uk
Mookie http://muki7x7.blogspot.co.uk/
Betty http://www.bigfatbetty.com/
Danielle www.daniellerharris.com
Sam http://fattyboomtatty.blogspot.co.uk/ 
Gillian www.weegillie.com
Sarah http://plussizeproud.wordpress.com/
Abi http://aisforabi.blogspot.co.uk/
Shuhina http://hsquaredblue.blogspot.co.uk/ 
Charlene chinupsandpinups.wordpress.com

I have entered my blog for “Best Newcomer” in the Cosmo Blog Awards with Next 2014 as we are less than 12 months old…. If you enjoy my ramblings, I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to give me a little vote…. Follow the link here: http://www.next.co.uk/cosmo-blog-awards/

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Easter "Prom Queen" Sunday

So yesterday was Easter Sunday, and like many across the Country, I spent the day with family, my Nan to be precise. As normal I struggled to decide what to where, because obviously I have nothing in my wardrobe…. haha!  But I was continually drawn to my Scarlett & Jo 2-in-1 Floral Prom Dress! I was thinking maybe it was a bit OTT for Sunday Lunch, but then I thought to myself, has that ever bothered me before…. Nah.

This dress, as many clothes do, had been winking, waving and doing everything in its power to entice me over the weeks.  I had seen this on Hannah of Fabulously Fat Fashion, Naomi of Diamonds n Peals and Danielle Vanier, and they all looked gorgeous, so this only added to my wanting…..

I finally gave in last week when Evans had a flash 24% off for 24 hrs… It had to be done!!!!


I posted a pic on Instagram and got an amazing response, if I wasn’t already sure I had made the right choice, I was now!  I even made someone’s mind up to buy this dress for a wedding they have coming up, as until this point they had been undecided!

Everything about this dress is a positive in my opinion.  Having seen it on different women so far, it goes to show that it can suit all different shapes and sizes.  If you are big busted, no fear here, as the jersey top to the dress can accommodate all chests as has enough stretch and doesn’t pull at all and is not tight, just pure comfort.  The waist has an elastic band on the outside, which nips you in and gives you an amazing shape.  This was the bit I was most worried about, as I have a wide elastic belt that does have a tendency to roll (if you know what I mean), but I needn’t have worried here as the band is stitched along one side so keep it nicely in place.  I did keep checking it, as this was my concern and it was fine for the entire day!  Being a shorty, the dress is a mid length on me, but to be honest, this length suits me better, but if you are taller then be aware of this should you decide to buy the dress.  I would wear this style of dress every day if I could, and if the bank balance and the Mister could handle the full wardrobe overhaul…. Lol!

I teamed this up with some simple black court shoes and my definite fave custom piece I recently got from Black Heart Creatives, which I think I must have known I would be buying this dress soon when you look at the colours I went for.  They have had an Easter promotion on this weekend, and if you manage to read this before the end of today (Monday 21st April), enter EASTER20 at the checkout and bag yourself a bargain!


I can’t forget to mention my good friend Lisa over at Off With Her Head Millinery – Milliner to the Stars and I don’t just mean me… Lol! –  and I finished off my look with my February Hair Flower of the Month “Vintage Valentine” (you too can join the club with a 3 month taster subscription here, 6 month and 12 month subscriptions also available).  Again, I think you will agree this flower was made for this dress, which also happens to be part of Scarlett & Jo‘s Spring Romance Collection…. I think it was fate!


I have to say that I absolutely love the Scarlett & Jo range of dresses, there are obviously some I prefer to others, and here is a little peek at some of my faves, and all currently available online at Evans:


Stock photos courtesy of www.evans.co.uk

Are you as much of a Scarlett & Jo fan as I am?

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Sales Before Pay Day…. Noooooooo!!!

So why is it just about everyone is having their Spring Clearance sale now, and I don’t get paid until next week, and there is so much out there that a FatFashionista like myself NEEDS to have in her wardrobe????  So, as I can’t actually justify purchasing any more clothes this side of the 25th, I thought I would do some cyber-window shopping and pick out some of my faves from the current Evans sale.

I was shocked to see that some of the items from their very recently launched range Cut for Evans were also included in the sale, so soon after their release…. But I have to admit the yellow scuba dress is calling my name!


Cut for Evans Leggings – WAS £19.50 NOW £10.00


Sorrento Embroidered Dress – WAS £150.00 NOW £50.00


Cut for Evans Yellow Scuba Dress – WAS £45.00 NOW £25.00


Live Unlimited Asymmetric Top – WAS £55 NOW £15.00 (Bargain!)


Evans Grey Floral Collar Top – WAS £37.00 NOW £20.00


Evans Black Daisy Peter Pan Collar Top – WAS £35.00 NOW £20.00


Evans Red Jersey Tier Top – WAS £29.50 NOW £18.00

Already I have missed out on a couple of Scarlett & Jo frocks which were online when I viewed this morning, but in the time it has taken me to get online again at lunchtime no longer there :-( .  This being one of them, and another which just isn’t there anymore at all :-( .


No longer available

Some of these items are unfortunately also not available in my size, but at least that way I am not tempted to dip into the overdraft!  But just because they aren’t available in my size, they might be available in your size…. So what you waiting for, get over there!

Do you have a favourite bargain you have managed to snap up in the Mid Season Sales. I would like to hear all about it!  You may see a few more “Wish List” posts from me this close to pay day….. Lol!

All stock photos courtesy of the Evans website.

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