16 in 16 – Reflection not Resolution


Sorry I have been a bit slack getting fingers back to keyboard this new year….. I didn’t get back into the swing of things until the 5th, and made the most of the time with the familam, and it took me a good week to then finally feel normal again, if you know what I mean.

I’m not one for new years resolutions and all that, been there, done that, doesn’t work! Not to say that there are things I want to generally do more or less of, it’s an on-going process, not something I am going to just decide at the beginning of a new year, all that new year new me rubbish…. There’s nothing wrong with the old me!

Sophie came up with a fab idea of a 16 in ’16 post, so basically taking the opportunity to sit down, reflect on the past year and think about what things we did well, what things we’d like to do better in the future and, more importantly, what things we’d like to achieve in the coming twelve months.

I am going to just go with the flow here, and try and come up with 16, but I don’t think I will manage it, but let’s see…..

Shop my wardrobe – Stop adding to my already overflowing wardrobe, and dig out some of the items I haven’t worn for a while, or even forgotten I had!image

Get outside more – Pretty self explanatory, but don’t waste my weekends sat on the sofa watching the box or on the internet, get outside and get some fresh air.


Declutter AND decorate the house – Again, kinda says it all.  I appear to be a borderline hoarder, so I need to have a good sort out, be brave and then we can decorate the house!


Put more structure into the blog – Look at some kind of weekly themes maybe, in order to update more regularly.


Reduce my time spent on social media – I am somewhat addicted to checking my phone ALL the time.  This needs to stop, in order to assist with number 12.


Start reading again – I used to always have my head in a book, my friend’s Dad before he died always said that was what he remember about me, it will also help me to unwind at the end of the day.


Walk more – Nothing too strenuous, just enough to increase my activity levels, and aim for at least 10k steps a day….


Embrace my photography again – I used to really enjoy this, even got a few decent shots (apparently I had the eye), so it would be good to get out there again, and also this would help with point 2 above.


Have a family holiday – We have actually never had a family holiday since we had our daughter, she is now 7, so I think it is time!  I am praying for Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Parid

Cook more – Hubs is the cook in our family, it’s not that I can’t, but I have little patience, but I would really like to try more, and therefore, give him a bit of a break too.


Get back into colouring – I started getting into adult colouring during 2015, for some reason, I have let this lapse, even though I found it very relaxing especially at more stressful times, so I am going to start this up again.


Not allow the little things to make me so anxious – The smallest of things can make me really anxious, I don’t know why, it can actually end up me being quite angry…. I need to realise when this is happening and learn to control it, and tell myself it really isn’t worth it!


Improve on my make up skills – I have very basic make up skills, and I don’t really differentiate between a daytime look and an evening look….. I want to conquer contouring and eyes!

Get all the AWESOME in this pic together AS MANY TIMES AS POSSIBLE!


More quality time with my family – If I can managed to achieve a couple of the above, this will happen naturally…. Fingers crossed, as obviously this one is very important to me.


Continue being fabulous!


And I did it!  I am pretty shocked, but I am glad….  Hopefully I will manage at least some of the above in some shape or form, and if things don’t pan out quite as I am initially hoping, what the heck, I shall not beat myself up about it.

I have lost track of who else took part in this as I am so late with it, the month will be over before we know it, but at least it is still January.  I am sure if you check out Sophie’s post she will have all the links, so make sure you do take a visit to the other blogs and see what their 16 in 16 are.

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BIG Love

S x

11 thoughts on “16 in 16 – Reflection not Resolution

  1. It’s lovely to see what you are hoping to achieve in 2016 – there are a few of us with the make up skills aim – we should do something together?! And if you need help re-homing your fabulous clothes as part of your de-clutter, you know where I am! 😜

  2. Awww Sarah!! What a lovely positive post!!! :) I am doing something similar on my blog this week. :) Like you I have to get more structured, walk more and spend more time outdoors. :) I have started decluttering in order to decorate already so I’m happy about that. I have to spend more time on social media, cause it is something I’m really bad at not doing. I waste my time on online imaginary shopping(not much actual shopping as I’m skint) and chatting with friends all the time, although that is not wasting time haha. :) You are always fabulous my dear so keep being you!! xxxx


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