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I love a corset, don’t you?  There is something about a corset that I defy any woman not to feel sexy whilst wearing one! I recently acquired two from Corset Boulevard, and I had promised myself that as soon as I had some decent photos to show you I would do a little review….

For those that follow me fairly closely, you will already be aware that I have been trying to branch out into modelling…. Yes, I know, I am far from your conventional model, shape, size, height & age are all against me here, but this is the whole point!  I am determined to prove a point, and a point I shall prove…. One day…. Hopefully!  Well anyhoo, I recently bagged me a TFP (Time for Print) photo shoot, and obviously my corsets came with me!

I originally ordered a black satin underbust via Corset Boulevard‘s eBay shop (link here), and I went with the corset available for larger hips…. made sense with my stats…. However, I found that it didn’t really sit right, and after some considerable deliberation, I decided that it was due to my shorter torso, and being vertically challenged.  CBG were  fantastic though, and arranged for me to return the corset and exchanged it for a different one which fits perfectly!  Their normal return policy is 14-days, and unfortunately I was outside of this time frame, but as I had not worn it, other than to try on, and I could return in the original packaging they were happy to oblige an exchange on this occasion…. How fab are they?!


Photographer: PCM Photography

Whilst all of the above was going on, I placed my second order with CBG, via their website this time, and bought this gorgeous black & white number, which again fits perfectly.  I also ordered a set of 6 Suspenders.  Each of CBG’s corsets have the loops to attach suspenders should you wish, which makes them so versatile to wear either as a fashion item or as lingerie.  I have yet to trial the suspenders, mainly because I am still in search of short legged stockings, but I am sure I will very soon and I will undoubtedly share it with you here!


Photographer: PCM Photography

I’m no corset connoisseur, I still need to master the art of getting these on without assistance, and I have nothing (yet) to compare these with, but in my opinion they are made to a very high standard, feel as I believe a corset should feel to wear, and I can honestly say if I could I would wear one everyday.  As well as making you look and feel amazing, they improve your posture as well!

Both these corsets are fully steel boned, and I went with 40″, which is a natural waist of around 45″ and a size 24-26 (according to the website).

Unfortunately the black satin overbust I am wearing here is no longer available, but there are plenty of others, including the black & white one seen here, on their website or via their Ebay store, and they have recently launched a new made to order range!

Do you like/wear corsets, and if so, where do you get yours from?

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BIG Love

S x

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  1. Thanks for the comments and post Sarah – we are really pleased to hear that our customers service team were fab and you found the right Corsets for you.

    Our aim is to make customers happy!

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