Her Name was Lola, She was a Showgirl…

I remember when the only bra’s I could get looked like something your Gran would wear.  A few years back I discovered the World of Bravissimo, and all of a sudden underwear became a pleasure to wear again, but us large chested ladies were still limited.  For me, I couldn’t even consider moving away from Bravissimo, even when I did happen to manage to find a cheaper alternative in my size, they always ended up being a waste of money as they either never fit as well, or lacked the quality and did not last long.  This is rapidly becoming less of a problem with more and more brands realising the need for top quality, pretty lingerie in larger sizes, and they seem to be getting the sizing right too.

Since I’ve been blogging I have seen the name Curvy Kate pop up more and more frequently, and now having a desperate need to replace the last Bravissimo bras I thought I would give them a go, as they had been highly recommended everywhere I looked!

The bra I was particularly interested in was their Daily Boost, available in black, nude, white and mocha.  It looked a fab bra for every day wear, and came highly recommended by Elena over at Frivolous Mrs D, so I ordered the black and nude from SimplyBe, due to be delivered within 10 days from order…. Unfortunately, on the 10th day I received an email to advise me that the items I had ordered were out of stock, and my order could not be fulfilled!  I checked out the other stockists, Debenhams and John Lewis,  but again not in stock in my size :-(  .  With my mind-set on a Curvy Kate addition to my lingerie drawer, I started to look for an alternative option.  Having put the feelers out for some recommendations, Natty Nikki suggested the Lola Black Almond…. What did I have to lose… Nothing!

The bra is padded, which you would think for a well endowed lass like me, I don’t exactly need anymore padding, but it makes this bra just so comfortable!  I had gone away from underwire with the last Bravissimo bras I bought, but I definitely felt I had lost the lift, so have gone back to underwire with the Lola Black Almond, and boy, what a difference!


No overflow or underflow in sight, however, being a larger lady I do have my fair share of under arm fat, but in general this bra gives plenty of support at the sides, and definitely holds the majority of it all in place.  You will note from the pics I have a little more under arm fat on one side than the other.  I think we all have one boob slightly bigger than the other, and this is clearly mine, and even if I was wearing a hammock or a windsock, it wouldn’t make any difference, this under arm fat will always be with me… “Say hello to my little friend….” Lol!

When I was last measured, I came in at a 38HH.  For some reason, and to this day I have no idea why I decided to do this, but I decided when I bought my last bras to go up to a 40…. I think this was because I had bought a cheaper 38HH (trying to be clever) and they were all wrong… boob overflow, tight, the lot.  So there I am thinking, I’ve put on weight, I need to size up, blah blah blah.  But what it boiled down to was quality I think, as this time I have gone back to the sizing I had been measured at and this bra fits like a glove!

All in all, I cannot fault this bra in any way, to the point I have since bought the  Lola Ivory Gold!!

I bought mine from Ebay as at the time that was the only place I could find my size, but here is a list of stockists on the Curvy Kate website here.

Are you a Curvy Kate convert, or are you in need of new lingerie supplier and could it be about to become Curvy Kate?  Share your story with me, I’d love to hear about it.

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BIG Love

S x


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