Jumping on the “Cut for Evans” Bandwagon!

There was a time when Evans was pretty much the only Plus Size Clothing retailer out there, but in recent months with, competition increasing, it had been said they had lost it somehow, the range just wasn’t “edgy” enough to keep up with the likes of ASOS Curve and, more recently, OneOne3.  I can’t actually remember the last time I bought from Evans, it has been a while, but is this about to change?

Evans recently released their new range “Cut for Evans


‘Cut for Evans’ is a new collection unveiling the future of plus size design.
Students from Bournemouth and Kingston Universities, known for their strong print and knitwear design divisions, entered the competition to see their designs launched online and at Evans’ flagship store.

The collection showcases Alice Farrow’s contemporary and bold prints and Rebecca Partington’s fun and unique knitwear pieces.

However, there has been much debate out in Bloggersville regarding the new range, and somewhat divided in some cases.  Although I have yet to experience it for myself, and if I am honest I am unsure whether I will…. Jury is still out for me on this one.  What do you think?

Here are some of the items I prefer from the collection

07A30QBLE_3_large 07J36QYLW_4_large 07J31QMUL_3_large 07C02QMUL_3_large 07A29QMUL_3_large 07C07QBLK_4_large

Prices range from £19.50 (leggings) to £49.50 (Jumpsuit)

(** Stock Photos Courtesy of Evans**)

To avoid the risk of repeating what others have already said, and to give my fellow Bloggettes a shout-out, please check out the below who have also reviewed the range.  I do have to admit that my opinion has improved from my initial view having read these blogs, and seeing some of the designs on people of different shapes and sizes, but I still can’t decide whether I like it enough to buy into it…. We shall see…. But be sure, that if I do I will be telling you all about it!

Betty at Pamper & Curves
Cass at Plump Parsnip
Danielle Vanier
Debz at I’m a Wannabe Princess
Callie at From the Corners of the Curve
Katie at Toodalookatie

Have you experience of  “Cut for Evans“?

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BIG Love

S x

4 thoughts on “Jumping on the “Cut for Evans” Bandwagon!

  1. Have to admit I’m not a fan of the prints, it doesn’t seem to hit the recent trends or have a universal appeal. I’m not one for following trends at the best of times though so maybe I’m not the best to give an opinion lol

  2. Having looked at the styles it seems they have been designed without thinking of how clothes should be cut to flatter a larger figure. There is a compromise between following trends and still designing things well for plus size which I feel hasn’t been accounted for in this range.

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