Blogger Challenge: Dress Up / Fancy Friday….. Well, DEFINITELY Dress Up Friday (and not a Fascinator in sight!!!)

Fashionthatpays Dress Up Fancy Friday

As this week has been half term and I have had some time off from the day job to spend quality time with Mini Me, I have been very much a Slack Alice when it comes to keeping the blog updated…… Sorry :-(   Today, to be fair, isn’t much better, but I did spend the day with a very good friend of mine, who has been my friend for 22 years now, and even though we are now 40 and 39 respectively, we still like to play dress up like all little girls (us being somewhat big girls now in more ways than one…. Lol!).

So I packed my bag with a number of new acquisitions to my wardrobe, and my lovely friend got out her new additions to her wardrobe and we played dress up….. And what fun we had!  I even managed to bag myself something from her wardrobe that she didn’t feel was right for her anymore (the deep red dress in bottom right of the pic).

Dress Up Friday

I’m not going to go into each item now, as this blog is not about the items themselves, it is all about the fun that we just had, two old friends, and when I say old, I only mean in the length of time we have been friends, as we will never grow up completely…. Hahaha! Just having fun playing dress up with our new clothes as if we were kids again…. Big kids…. Hee hee.

Each item featured in the picture will receive their own individual review in due course, once half term is is over, and things get back to normal……

What have you done today, have you played dress up too?????

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BIG Love

S x

4 thoughts on “Blogger Challenge: Dress Up / Fancy Friday….. Well, DEFINITELY Dress Up Friday (and not a Fascinator in sight!!!)

  1. Aw sounds like you had fun with your friend. Twenty two hears is a well established friendship. I bet you’re both very proud if that. I would be. So your dresses looked great in the photos I see you have yourself a fantastic photographer as well as great friend.

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