Blast from the Past

I’ve got some time off from the day job this week as it is half term, and decided some quality time with the 5-year-old was in order, plus I save some pennies from not paying for childcare!  And as I was catching up on some long overdue chores, dancing around to old skool Prodigy, thinking how I have nothing to share with you guys this week so far (I really did peak too soon last week didn’t I?), I thought I would try to locate a photo of me back in the 90’s when I was strutting my stuff on the dance floor to the original Prodigy, and how I look today…. Well may be not literally today as it has pretty much been a PJ day!

So here goes….. The Nineties


Here I am pre one of those infamous nights out on the tiles with my very good friend Louise, who’s house I frequently crashed at, being the one that lived out in the sticks!  Now, she may not thank me for putting this picture out in to Cyberspace, but I think she may just be able to forgive me as we have been bosom buddies ever since and life would not be the same without her (sorry for the little gush of love for my friend there.)

Now the Noughties

IMG_20140215_113130                 IMG_20140215_123817_edit

Me on Saturday sporting my fabulous #FreebieFriday tunic from Pink Clove UK, which I absolutely love (blog review on this here), before I underwent my Taking Shape transformation! Check out my blog post about that here if you missed it.

Much of a difference?  How did you look in the 90’s compared to today?

Look out for more Outfit of the Day posts later in the week as I peel myself out of my PJ’s and get back to normality….

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BIG Love

S x

One thought on “Blast from the Past

  1. Sweet post!

    Love your 90’s outfit too, Green is a good colour on you! What did I look like in the 90s aye yai yai just a regular messy school kid lol in baggy clothes and very self conscious! I was the same height and had a stronger build though, then went Blonde at 15 and so yes a difference between then and now :-)

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